California Mayor Accused of Playing Strip Poker With Minors

A controversey plagued California Mayor has been arrested amid allegations that he instigated and recorded a game of strip poker with minors at a summer camp he hosted for underprivileged youth. He is also charged with supplying minors with alcohol.

The Mayor of Stockton, Republican Anthony Ray Silva denies all charges and is refusing to resign over the allegations, claiming that the whole thing is simply a plot by political rivals to damage his reputation.

Mayor Silva's reputation is already less than unblemished after an incident last year in which a gun owned by the Mayor was used in the fatal shooting of a 13 year old boy. That time the Mayor was not indicted after he claimed that the gun was stolen from his house and that rather than being complicit in the shooting, he was merely the victim of theft.

This time around the 41 year old mayor has been charged with three misdemeanors for supplying alcoholic beverages to underage persons; contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child endangerment. It is alleged that he served alcohol to six boys under the age of 21, of playing strip poker with some of the youths (one aged just 16), and of using his mobile phone without consent to make an audio recording of the game.

In a statement issued by the Mayor in his defence he said, “Number one, everyone there was 18 years old. Number two, I never ever, ever, ever endangered a child. Ever. Number three, I never provided alcohol to anyone. And I certainly did not secretly record anyone. I am innocent.”

If convicted, Silva could face up to three years in jail. The arraignment has been set for next Thursday 18th August.


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