Sick action at Full Tilt Poker

If you have been following the high stakes tables at full tilt poker this week you probably have noticed that Sbrugby have had some sick swings. For just a couple of days ago he won $500k, and the day after that he loosed about $400k in Omaha PL and told us in his blog that he should stop playing omaha on FTP for a while.

Yesterday that strategy seemed to work, he played 14 sessions and won about $228k, other player which was doing well on the texas tables this day was KOMIJENDO (+$166k) and David Benyamine (+114k) The loosers was Luigi66369 (-$150k) and wins_pot (-$158k)

Flopped set against AA, $144k pot
Top pair with good kicker didn't help against Sbrugby, $80k pot
We saw alot of big pockets yesterday, KOMIJENDO wins a $106k pot

We also had some very sick swings in the omaha sessions yesterday. Patrick Antonius was playing very good and had a stack over $400k and was about +$320k but then he ran into David Benyamine and Ram Vaswani and at the end of the session he was down -$38k

Everything was looking good for Luigi66369, $93k pot
Middle set for David Benyamine, $103k pot
David Benyamine vs Patrick Antonius, $205k pot
Ram Vaswani play his fullhouse carefull, $89k pot

Stats from Omaha PL:
Ram Vaswani: +$198k
David Benyamine: +$138k
Gus Hansen: +$106k

Phil Ivey: -$312k
woeisme: -$95k
berdyfish: -$94k



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