Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn Wins $174k as Isildur1 Falters

After a six-figure winning day for Isildur1 and a six-figure losing day for Alex "joiso" Kostritsyn on Monday, the tables were turned yesterday as joiso banked an impressive $174,171 from PokerStars 8-Game tablesl, while Isildur1 dropped $130k after another +3k hand day.

Although there were a few participants in the $200/$400 and $400/$800 mixed games, the majority of joiso's profit was made playing Isildur1 heads-up at the $400/$800 tables, with $100k coming from late afternoon/evening sessions. Kostritsyn also won the biggest pot of the day during at joiso's winningest table, Tatry II

Isildur1 is in big trouble after opting to call a big turn bet. His flush draw is drawing dead to joiso's nut-flush draw and his pair is way behind his opponent's AAxx. Two runs of the river can't save him as joiso wins this $68.5k pot

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There was also plenty of action at the $100/$200 PLO tables, once again driven by the appearance of Isildur1 with a bit of a bankroll. Up to four or five tables were running at one point, with the sharks circling to try to get a bit of the Blom bankroll. However, Isildur1 actually turned a profit in the PLO games, albeit just under $10k from 582 hands played. At one point Isildur1 was up close to 6-figures at the PLO tables but his form faded towards the end of his times at the tables, just before he switched his attention full-time to the joiso mixed-games. He did, however, win the biggest straight PLO pot of the day (ie: not part of a mixed-game cycle).

A huge cooler for tjbentham as both he and Isildur1 flop full houses. Unfortunately for thr UK pro his 5's full of 7's fall to Isildur1's 7's full of 5's - $54.2k pot

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The big winner from the PLO games was Dutch pro Ravenswood13 who won consistently throughout his three hours at the tables where he played against the likes of Isildur1, BERRI SWEET, fjutekk, Ike "philivey2694" Haxton, Tim "tjbentham" Bentham, EEE27, WRUUUUM, and omaha4rollz. Making +$50k scores at two of the tables he played, Ravenswood13 ended the day up $137k at the PLO tables, although he lost a little over $21k at the 8-Game tables so finished the day as a $116k winner.

There were no other six-figure winners yesterday, with RumleyChamp in third with a $32.5k win from a single table session of $50$100 PLO, and EEE27 in 4th after a $30.5k win in the $100/$200 PLO games yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

joiso +$174.1k

Ravenswood13 +$116k

RumleyChamp +$32.5k

EEE27 +$30.5k

For all yesterday's winners go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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