Big Pots in $200/$400 PLO Games

The $200/$400 ring games which ran Thursday afternoon started up again in the early hours of yesterday morning, with the presence of Aron0621 once again attracting the sharks to the high stakes tables.

In the end Aron0621 only lost a little ($16k), but his certainly brought some action, winning and losing a six-figure sum during the 1hr 40min 2 table session. The biggest winner from the games (and, in fact, the day) was bajskorven87 who made a $75,821 profit.

The match also spawned some big pots, with the biggest of the day going to Dutch pro Ravenswood13, who ended up second on the daily leaderboard after making a profit of $68.4k:

Ravenswood13 and Educa-p0ker make the nutflush and second nutflush respectively on the river. With all the money in it's Ravenswood13 who takes this $139.4k pot

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It was Aron0621 who did the early running, going up over $100k in the match within the first quarter of an hour. He was helped along the way by taking a $100k pot or his own:

Although bajskorven87 wins the main pot after rivering the nutflush in this 3-way preflop all-in pot, it is Aron0621 who is the big winner as his flopped set of King's crush Educa-p0ker's pair of queens to take this $100.5k sidepot

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The third biggest winner of the day also came from the same session of $200/$400 PLO as Trueteller converted his 45 minutes at the tables into a $50.9k profit from 125 hands played.

Educa-p0ker didn't have much luck on one of his rare excursions to the highstakes PLO tables from his preferred NLHE games, dropping $128.6k in the games.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

bajskorven87 +$75.8k

Ravenswood13 +$68.4k

Trueteller +$50.9k

40and7 +$38.6k

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