Sbrugby vs Ram Vaswani, $300/600 HU

Just after midnight (server time) Sbrugby and Ram Vaswani sat down on a $300/600 HU tables and Ram Vaswani was the player which first seemed to take home this match:

Straight draw for Ram Vaswani, $119k pot

But then Sbrugby doubled up with J5s and after this hand he was unstoppable, here is the largest hands from this crazy session:

This hand helped Sbrugby to come back in this HU session, $120k pot
Sbrugby wins a monster hand with king high, $231k pot
Ram Vaswani tries to bluff when he miss his draw, $131k pot
Sbrugy was for sure immortal in this session, such a sweet river, $242k pot
After this hand Sbrugby ended the session with a $677k stack!

Result: Sbrugby up $434k

With other words, sbrugby have won over $650k the last 24h, well done! And ofcourse we hope Ram Vaswani will be back soon again!



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