Phil Galfond to Form a Player Council for his upcoming poker site

High-stakes legend Phil Galfond surprised the poker world recently after he announced he would be opening a real money online poker site.

According to Galfond, he wants to lauch a "fair and transparent" poker site, that believes in the dream that he has lived. It might still take a long time when we see Galfond's online poker site go live, but the online legend is already making plans to make the site better for the players.

In a recent message posted on, Galfond announced that he is going to form a player council for his upcoming poker site, that will bring community concerns, questions and ideas directly to senior Run It Once staff. In addition, they will participate in regularly scheduled meetings with the Poker Room Manager, and have meetings with other executive staff:

We will have discussions with them regarding changes we are considering to our product and offerings. We will also provide the opportunity for the Player Council to verify claims we might make to the community about our rake/rewards calculations, the security of player funds, or similar matters. These will be volunteer positions. Should we have in-person meetings, we will cover expenses. But otherwise, while we greatly appreciate the effort, we feel making these paid positions would undermine the purpose of the Council -- to be an independent representative of the poker community. For individuals who already stay updated on the concerns of the poker community, the additional time commitment required to be involved in the Player Council should not prove excessive.


We are intending to select a four to five player committee. We need engaged and respected members of the community - people who have track records as constructive forum contributors. If you’d like to be considered, please email by October 1st. A short poker and forum bio is all that’s needed - please include any relevant screen names. We would ideally like representatives from a variety of games/stakes, and playing professionally is not a prerequisite.


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