Patrik "Fake Love888" Antonius On Top Once Again

For the second day in a row Patrik "Fake Love888" Antonius topped the list of big winners at PokerStars highstakes tables yesterday, ending his day with a $129.3k profit.

Once again it was at the $1k/$2k FLO8 tables that Antonius made his money. He played a total of 445 hands.

Most of Antonius winnings came from a two hour late afternoon/early evening session at table Seignus where he mainly played heads-up against Russian pro Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn where he won $126.5k from 236 hands. After a ten minute break the pair swapped tables, and over the next 40 minutes Antonius added another $65k to his profit, which went over $180k for the day until a small comeback allowed joiso to cut his losses slightly, and Antonius ended the day up $129.3k after a small win during the final session.

There were no other six-figure winners yesterday with hhecklen placing second on yesterday's leaderboard with a $54.1k win at the NLHE tables, where he played between $50/$100 up to $200/$400. Most of his profit came from a $49.9k win at $50/$100 table Errai II where he played against BastianX and Trueteller for 2.5 hours. He also won the biggest pot of the day during this sesion:

BastianX bets all the way with his pocket Aces but is called down by hhecklen who flopped an open-ended straight draw. His straight completes on the river and he scoops this $49.8k pot

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In third we see UK pro Matt "MUSTAFABET" Ashton, who won $32.3k after a huge 13 hour straight session at the $75/$150 FLO8 tables where he played against the likes of Bluf_To_much, Isildur1, Antonio7, Deldar182, and Luke "lb6121" Schwartz.

The final four was completed by Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro who ended his day up $28.4k, with all of his profit coming from 2.5 hours play yesterday evening at the $400/$800 8-Game tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Fake Love888 +$129.3

hhecklen +$54.1k


Lrslzk +$28.4k

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