High Stakes Report, 2008

The year 2008 had pretty much everything we could hope for. The new $500/1000 tables introduced on Full Tilt Poker let us see a lot of new records being hit, and we also had over 60 hands where the pot size reached $400.000 or more! The largest online poker hand ever was won by Urindanger and had a staggering pot size of $723k. On several occasions we also saw players sitting with more than $1 million on the tables and Ziigmund ended December with a new record when he left one table with over $1.4 million.

Here are the largest winners from our monitoring this year. The limits monitored are Hold'em NL and Omaha PL $50/100 to $500/1000. We has also been monitoring HORSE FL & Omaha Hi/Lo from 2008-07-01. (NOTE! Mixed HA Results are not included in these stats, read more here)

Largest winners 2008 Hands Profit
Phil Ivey 95248 +$7,54 million
OMGClayAiken 153907 +$6,97 million
durrrr 223044 +$5,36 million
Urindanger 168801 +$3,68 million
trex313 143818 +$3,45 million
David Benyamine 241499 +$2,93 million
howisitfeellike 46387 +$2,66 million
CHUFTY 138715 +$2,36 million
La Key U 77149 +$2,14 million
Patrik Antonius 102293 +$1,90 million

Click here for the top 50 overall winners/losers from the high stakes year 2008. You can also make your own searches on different games/networks and dates.

Largest hands from 2008
As we wrote earlier we monitored a lot of huge hands this year and here are the ten largest hands sorted by pot size:

 $723,938 - Urindanger wins the largest online poker hand with a pair of aces
 $687,025 - Phil Ivey wins the second largest hand with a set of tens
 $678,069 - John Juanda hits a very lucky river against durrrr
 $657,070 - durrrr wins a huge hand against Urindanger with a bottom set 
 $643,986 - durrrr wins his second largest hand ever with four ladies 
 $637,353 - LarsLuzak wins his largest hand ever against his finnish countryman Ziigmund 
 $617,968 - durrrr makes a great play when LarsLuzak tries a huge bluff 
 $609,730 - patatino wins a very sick hand with just a pair of decues 
 $606,177 - Patrik Antonius wins his largest hand, LarsLuzak wrote AA in the chat 
 $604,247 - David Benyamine wins his largest hand with a pair of aces

We'd like to thank all our visitors and members for a great 2008. Let us hope that this year will be just as interesting and that we will finally see the first one million dollar pot in online poker!

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