PokerStars Bring "The Deal" Over from Full Tilt

PokerStars have once again introduced an initiative squarely aimed at the recreational player, but this time they didn't have far to go to come up with the idea, they simply borrowed it from the poker site they merged with their own a few months ago. "The Deal" was a Full Tilt idea which is now available at PokerStars.

Although strictly speaking "The Deal" is a poker game, it is entirely a game of chance with a buy-in of Starscoins (earned by playing in real money games). The player chooses to play a game costing 7 Starscoins, or one costing 70 Starscoins. Obviously the larger the buy-in, the more valuable any potential winnings will be.

The player is dealt 7 cards face down and must discard 2 of them to leave them with a 5 card poker hand. The better the hand-ranking the more you stand to win.

The big attraction of "The Deal" is the progressive Jackpot which starts at $25k and keeps growing until a winner is found. To have a chance of winning you must either make a Royal Flush (on both the 7 Starscoin and 70 Starscoin game) and a Straight Flush (just the 70 Starscoin game) to enter the "Jackpot Round" where the player spins a wheel laden with cash prizes from $1k up to the jackpot.

If you're lucky enough to hit the jackpot you win 50% of the progressive prize fund, with the other 50% being shared between any other players who have participated in "The Deal" over the previous 12 hours before the jackpot was hit.

Not exactly a move which will have real poker players jumping for joy, but the lure of a progressive jackpot might well help PokerStars claw back a few Starscoins from a few gamble-happy punters...


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