The Five Biggest Pots Of 2016

Although not a vintage year for online high stakes poker action, there was still some great action to be had at the highest stakes available, as well as some meaty pots. Here we look back at the five biggest pots from PokerStars high stakes tables over the last twelve months, all of which come from the $200/$400 tables. Perhaps a little surprising four of the five come from the NLHE tables, with only one coming from the PLO streets.

5. $195,616 Educa-p0ker vs Trueteller, 27th January, $200/$400 NLHE 

January was the best month of 2016 for high octane NLHE action and nobody benefitted more from these games than young Spanish NL phenom Andres "Educa-p0ker"Artinano. Artinano earned a whopping $833,747 during January's short-handed $200/$400 games, and along the way he won two of the five biggest pots of 2016. In this, the fifth biggest pot of the year, he flops top pair, top kicker holding A K after three-betting from the big blind preflop. Trueteller, with A Q is happy to check-call the flop. A king on the turn gives Educa-p0ker top two pairs and he is able to extract maximum value as Trueteller check-calls big bets on both the turn and the river, handing this $195.6k pot to Educa-p0ker.

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4. $200,634 Ravenswood13 vs Chilax Chuck, 21st February, $200/$400 PLO

The only PLO pot in the countdown took place in late February. The player on the wrong end of this $200k pot (Chilax Chuck) actually ended the day as the biggest highstakes winner at PokerStars with a $150k profit. However, he suffered after a loose move in this pot. After 4-betting preflop with 10d Jd Qd Kc Chilax Chuck decides to check-raise all in on a Js 8s 2c board. It's a clear call for Dutch pro Ravenswood13 who had flopped top pair and the nut-flush draw with As 3s 5c Jc. As the turn and river brick, Ravenswood13 takes down this $200k pot with a pair of Jacks!

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3. $212,189 Trueteller vs CrownUpGuy, 5th September, $200/$400 NLHE

This hand created a little controversy when it took place back in early September. Although a fairly standard cooler (Trueteller flopped a set of 4's playing against Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz who had pocket Kings), the hand created some interest after Trueteller piped up in the chat box after Fedor typed "lol" at the hand. Trueteller was obviously rattled and he went on to taunt Fedor saying "do you think you are earned [sic] to win every hand?" adding "the better player won". You can read the full transcript in our article from 6th September

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2. $212,815, Educa-p0ker vs Trueteller, 29th January, $200/$400 NLHE

The top two pots both come from the same three handed session on the 29th January, a day which resulted in a $238k win for Educa-p0ker. This is the young Spaniard's biggest ever online pot and it comes from pocket Aces. The pot is 3-ways to the flop in a 4bet pot, meaning the pot was up to $38k before the flop. The K 4 10 flop is met with a small $6k bet from Trueteller, a fold from Kanu7 and just a call from Educa-p0ker. A Queen on the turn prompts a shove from Trueteller and a call from Educa-p0ker. Trueteller turns over JJ - only third pair on the board, but with blockers to the broadway straight Trueteller obviously thought he might get it through. Unfortunately for him, Educa-p0ker also had two blockers for the broadway straight and a higher pocket pair to take this $212.8k pot

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1. $236,399, Trueteller vs Educa-p0ker, 29th January, $200/$400 NLHE

The biggest pot of the year actually took place shortly before the previous pot, and explains the size of Trueteller's stack during the previous hand. The hand starts off with Trueteller just calling from the small blind. The pot is inflated, however, when Educa-p0ker raises with Kc Qs then Trueteller decides to 3bet giving us an $11.6k pot preflop. The flop of 6d Js 10c gives Educa-p0ker an open ended straight draw and Trueteller a useless gutshot straight draw (useless as the 9 would give his opponent a higher straight). Trueteller leads out with a half-pot bet and is called by Educa-p0ker. The 3d turn gives Trueteller a flush draw and he continues to bet around 3/4 pot - once again his opponent calls. The 9d river completes the flush for Trueteller, and unfortunately for Educa-p0ker it also completes his straight. Trueteller shoves the river and is paid off by Educa-p0ker as he ships this $237k pot

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