Sick action on Prima $100/200-$200/400

The first sessions yesterday was between Dadovic and pucylucy, they were playing two $100/200 HU matches and Dadovic mangaged to win about $100k:

Dadovic flopped the full house, $62k pot

Later on Terken89 joined the network and playerd HU against guguguy and lost about $70k, then he moved up to a $200/400 HU tables and loosed another $40k against pucylucy

guguguy wins a nice hand after a strange bet on the river, $76k

But these losses didn't stop Terken89, he just took a little pause for 90 min then he was back and joined a 6-seated $200/400 table and now he got some revenge on both pucylucy and guguguy. He won alot of big hands and actually made our yearly top hand with a $273k pot against tuneater.

Middlepair and flushdraw, $182k pot
The perfect flop and Terken89 made our 'largest hands ever', $278k pot

Prima Results, 2007-04-08

Dadovic: +$157k
terken89: +$113k
luckexpress: +$47k

pucylucy: -$170k
Tunaeatr: -$130k
lucypucy: -$40k



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