Phil Hellmuth Close to Finishing his Autobiography

Last October Phil Hellmuth let it be known that he was dusting off the 70,000 words he had written for his autobiography back in 2010 before Haper Collins pulled the plug on that particular project following Black Friday in April 2011, and that the book, titled "Poker Brat" was now going to be published by D&B Publishing who were looking at January 2017 as a potential publication date.

Although January is looking unlikely now, Hellmuth has taken to twitter a few times over the past few days charting his progress. The initial 70,000 words had only taken Hellmuth up as far as 1993 and he said last year that he envisaged another 20,000 words or so would be needed to bring the biog a little more up to date.

That sounded a little light considering that since 1993 Hellmuth has personally won another 9 WSOP bracelets and that the poker industry as a whole has been through the one of the biggest transformations any industry go undergo. Looks like that extra 20,000 words has been upped to more like 50,000 words and after going quiet on the project for a couple of months, it looks like Hellmuth is geared up and ready to finish it off.

Hellmuth first started talking about his autobiog again on 16th December when his "writing" got a fleeting mention on twitter:

Then again on Christmas eve PH started up in earnest saying:

Phil is keen to let us all know what a "beast" he is in "writing mode" from this New Year's Eve post:

Now for a little "Hellmuth-esque" bragging:

And finally yesterday we got an updated word count:

2,000 words a day is a decent output for anyone writing a book, but as a few of his followers were eager to point out, if there's one thing Phil Hellmuth is good at talking about, it's Phil Hellmuth!

Well, if nothing else, Hellmuth's biography is sure to be entertaining one way or the other!


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