Dani "supernova9" Stern Wins over $100k from Trueteller

Isildur1 enjoyed his 3rd big win in as many days yesterday and is currently looking good for a fouth. He is currently the month's biggest winner with a $340k profit.

For the second straight day US pro Dani "supernova9" Stern got the best of Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov at PokerStars PLO tables, winning over $100k from the Russian pro on his way to a $111,196 profit for the day.

Most of Stern's hands against Trueteller were played heads-up at athe $50/$100 tables. His biggest win came from a two hour session late last night where the pair played across two tables, playing 300 hands. Stern won at both tables for a combined profit of $76k.

Earlier in the evening, Stern had also won a heads-up confrontation with Trueteller at the $100/$200 tables, winning $29.1k from a 50 minute session. The remainder of supernova9's profit came from the $50/$100 PLO ZOOM heads-up tables, where he also came across Trueteller amongst other players in the pool.

Despite being the biggest loser of the day, Trueteller did win the biggest pot of the day from an early hours stint at the $200/$400 NLHE 6max tables.

Standard cooler as Trueteller's QQ trump Bill "GASTRADER" Perkin's JJ - $60.2k pot

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Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was the day's second biggest winner, although over $72k of his $87.2k profit came from the continuation of his big session at the $400/$800 8-Game tables from Wednesday evening with Dan "w00ki3z." Cates, which we reported on yesterday.

The pair actually met up again yesterday for another marathon session, most of which will be included in tomorrow's results as the match ran well into the early hours of this morning. It was yet another win for Isildur1 who ended up taking anotehr $82k from Cates, once again at the $400/$800 tables. The pair played for over 6 hours, with Blom leading from the start and never falling behind throughout the match. $55k of that profit will count towards tomorrow's figures. Isildur1 is currently the month's biggest winner with over $340k in profit since Jan 1.

Russian NLHE specialist fish2013 was the day's 3rd biggest winner as he took $28.2k from just 46 hands played short-handed at the $50/$100 tables yesterday morning, and despite losing the biggest pot of the day, Bill "GASTRADER" Perkins managed 4th on the daily leaderboard with a $15.6k profit from his early hours $200/$400 NLHE session.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
supernova9 7 375 $111,196
Isildur1 9 1516 $87,176
fish2013 2 46 $28,173
GASTRADER 1 54 $15,555

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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