Jason Koon Wins PokerStars Championship Bahamas $100k Super High Roller

Jason Koon's great live tourney run continued yesterday as he took down the first PokerStars Championship Super High Roller in the Bahamas, winning $1,650,300 after topping the 41 strong field (with 13 re-entries) in the $100,000 buy-in event.

This is now Koon's 10th year playing on the live circuit where he has won over $8.1m. Astonishingly, over half of this total has been won in the last six months, including a $1m score at the $5k Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open and two Aria High Roller wins, and a $412k score for his runner-up finish at the WPT 5 Diamond Classic $25k High Roller. Yesterday's victory, however, was the biggest of his career so far.

Koon overcame a tough final table which included last year's winner, Bryn Kenny, 2015's GPI Player of the Year Byron Kaverman, One-Drop champion Dan Colman, and English wunderkind Charlie Carrel.

Sitting on the shortest stack Kenny was the first to leav the 7 strong line-up yesterday when he got pretty unlucky against Koon. Kenny shoved for his last 650k with A 8 after Koon had opened on the button for 100k with Jd Td. Koon made the call and looked beat after an A K 2 flop (all black) and a 6h turn. However, the poker Gods didn't want Kenney to go back-to-back and a Queen on the river gave Koon the broadway straight and sent Kenny packing with $275,060 prize money.

Conor Drinan was next to fall. He lost most of his stack after pushing with 2 2 and being called by Kaverman who woke up with Aces. As Kaverman was the shoet stack at the time Drinan liveed to fight another hand. He was left very short though, and when he put his last chips in with A4 Charlie Carell was happy to pick him off with AK. A King on the turn ended Drinan's run and he walked in 6th place, winning $340,540 for his troubles.

Kaverman did will to ladder a little and was unlucky when he eventually fell in fifth after Dan Colman threw a bad beat his way. Colman had open-shoved from the small blind with 9h 6h and Kaverman called for his last 720k with A T. A nine on the flop was enough to send Kaverman to the rail to cash his $445,320 cheque.

Things slowed up a bit over the next hour with the final four jostling for position. However, that all changed as the table went from four handed to heads-up in the space of just two hands.

Daniel Dvoress was first to go after he pushed over Carrel's button open. Carrel was in good shape with Ac Ks against Dvoress's Kh Jh and depsite making a flush on the river, it was no match for Carrel's rivered full house (Aces full of 8's) and he went in 4th for $576,300.

On the very next hand Colman pushed his last 2.8m with Ah Jh and was a little unlucky to see Carrel call and turn over pocket Kings. The board bricked and Colman was sent packing in 3rd for $759,660.

Carrel, fresh off the back of two big high roller scores last month in Prague himself, was looking for a win after his 2nd and 3rd place scores last month, and it looked likely as he entered heads-up play with an 8.7m to 4.8m chip lead, a lead which he soon extended to 10.5m to 3m.

Koon, however, was not about to give in lightly and during what was a break-neck head-up match, he gradually eased his way out of danger and into the chip lead. Once in front the 31 year old American pro never looked back and was eventually crowned champion when Carrel bet out 400k of his remaining 2.8m on a Q K 2 8 J board and Koon moved all-in. After a little deliberation Carrel called with K 7  for top pair, only for Koon to turn over Q8 for a turned two pair. Carrel missed out on a trophy once again, although the $1,191,900 should offer some consolation. This latest score puts Carrel's live tourney earnings over the $5m mark. Jason Koon, however, takes the glory, the trophy and the $1.653m first place prize money.

Place Name Country Prize
1 Jason Koon USA $1,650,300
2 Charlie Carrel UK $1,191,900
3 Daniel Colman USA $759,660
4 Daniel Dvoress Canada $576,300
5 Byron Kaverman USA $445,320
6 Connor Drinan USA $340,540
7 Bryn Kenney USA $275,060



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