Charlie Carrel Advises Caution for Casual Punters Staking Pro Players

It has to be said that young English pro Charlie Carrel has enjoyed an exceptional run of results of late, with over $2.5m in live tourney cashes since last October, including a $1.2m score last week for his 2nd place finish in the PSC Bahamas $100k Super High Roller; so it will come as no surprise that the pieces of Carrel up for sale at sold out in a flash after his latest performance. However, Carrel had some wise-words for potential investors at the player staking online marketplace, warning them of the potential hazards of putting all their eggs in one basket.

Reaching out to his fans on his facebook page Carrel said:

"As much as I have been hammering home the Stakekings stuff, as it is good for my career - just a warning to non-poker peeps, as Stakekings snap sold out after my 2nd place finish:
Despite my ridiculous run these past few months, I have been subject to extremely good fortune and this won't continue forever. Please don't put large percentages of your net worth on one or a few tournaments.
Although they are likely profitable investments, the way tournament poker works dictates that, more often than not, you will lose the money (and when you win, you tend to win big). So if you do want to bet, spread smaller bets over more tournaments. There will be more opportunities in the near future "

Carrel may still only be 22 years of age, but he's clearly got a very sensible head on his shoulders, probably a good thing when in just three years of live tournaments he's cashed for over $5,000,000.

Carrel puts his financial savvy down to his upbringing, saying in a 2014 interview “I was brought up in a household that didn’t have a lot of money, so I was taught the value of it from very early on."

Charlie's facebook fans were unanimous in their respect and praise for his advice with comments including:

Brian Reinert Mad respect when a great player can be open and honest like that!! Tournament poker has big variance, although you are usually on the + side of it! Cheers!

John Mullin Class Act...only if poker was filled with more like Charlie Carrel

Patrick Lambregts So nobleof you to share your thoughts about your run w non poker players... that's how you spot the gentleman amongst the boys!

It's not just the non-pros who have good things to say about Carrel either. His recent heads-up opponent in the PSC Bahamas Super High Roller, Jason Koon, told;
"He seems like a really incredible guy," Koon said. "Whenever I was that age, I was a total trainwreck. It looks like he's figured some stuff out that took me a decade longer to figure out."
It seems like Charlie Carrel really does have it all; youth, good looks, bags of skill, buckets of charisma, truckloads of cash, a mountain of respect, and an ever-growing fanbase. Jealous?



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