Isaac Haxton and Ben Tollerene Chop 2017 PSC Bahamas $25k PLO High Roller

The $25,750 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha High Roller event was expected to be one of the most interesting events of the 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas, but it ended up attracting only four players.

The four players were Isaac Haxton, Ben "Ben86" Tollerene, Sean "Nolez7" Winter and Finnish pro Lauri Varonen. The biggest reason for the low turnout must have been the PSC Bahamas Main Event, which kept most of the high-rollers busy.

Daniel Negreanu was just one of the players, who was interested in playing, but decided otherwise after learning how low the turnout was:

With only four players registered, the $25k Pot Limit Omaha Sit'nGo ended up lasting for few hours. Sean "Nolez7" Winter was the first player eliminated after running into two big setups against Isaac Haxton and Lauri Varonen.

After Winter was eliminated, it was Varonen's time to go when Ben Tollerene rivered a straight against his top two pair. Once the heads-up play was reached, Haxton and Tollerene agreed to chop up the money based on independent chip model (ICM):

"Haxton had 105,900 and Tollerene 94,100. As such, the adjusted payouts would be $49,867 for Haxton and $48,133 for Tollerene. Haxton officially won the event. The original payouts were set to be $63,700 and $34,300," reveals.

The last high roller event of the 2017 PSC Bahamas, the $25,750 buy-in NLHE, is scheduled to kick off tomorrow and is expected to attract much more than four players.


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