Humans Fight Back in the "Brains vs AI" Challenge

Dong "Donger Kim" Kim has a +$80k in the challenge yesterday, making him the only human at this stage in the match to have posted an overall advantage over "Libratus"

It hasn't been easy going for the team of four top Heads-Up NLHE pros in their quest to defeat Carnegie Mellon University's new and improved super-bot "Libratus" as they have trailed the AI masterpiece every step of the way so far. However, with the challenge now a week old it might just be that "Brains" are ready to take control as they enjoyed their first six-figure day yesterday, winning $110k and reducing Libratus lead to $50k.

The week didn't start well for the pros (Jason "PremiumWhey" Les, Dong "Donger Kim" Kim, Jimmy "ForTheSwaRm" Chou, and Daniel "dougiedan678" McAulay) and after three days the quarted found themselves almost $200,000 in the hole. However, in the past three days they have fought back well. They enjoyed a $43k win on Saturday, kept their losses on Sunday to a minimal $9k, and then wrapped the week up nicely with a $110k win yesterday.

Yesterday's success can be attributed to Jason Les and Dong Kim who won $60k and $80k respectively over their two sessions. This is a somewhat unexpected dual success as each player was essentially the other's mirror - it has been the case for most of the week that if one player wins, the other loses - and the amount by which they differ is how much they win/lose against Libratus.

The other pairing of Chou and McAulay didn't fare so well but kept their losses fairly low. They also only played one of the two sessions as McAulay felt unwell for the entire session and decided to bow out of the afternoon/evening session. As such his mirror (Chou) also took the afternoon off. They will make up the combined 700 hands they missed at some later point over the next two weeks. In the one session they did play Chou lost $20k and McAulay lost $10k.

Doug "WCGRider" Polk was around for some of the match offering some insight. He also posted on 2+2 about his take on how the match is going and a possible explanation as to the humans slow start in the match;

"Originally Posted by WCGRider View Post
The first couple of days of this challenge were total carnage. Humans dont have a hud or stats, they are seriously just in there playing blind. Pretty big disadvantage out of the gate.

As the days go on the humans have more edge because they can analyze sample."

With just a modest $50k (2.5 buy-in) disadvantage from just 23% of the 120k total hands played, the "Brains" team will be looking to overtake their cyber-opponent in the second week. We'll catch up with their exploits again this time next week to see how they fared. Go Humans GO!



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