Dan Bilzerian Hijacks Bill Perkins ACR Account for Live Twitch Session

Bill Perkins surveys the blank screen moments after ACR disabled his account

Multi-millionaire playboy and "King of Instagram" Dan Bilzerian created quite the stir a couple of nights ago when he decided he wanted to play some online poker while hanging out with his even richer buddy, hedge fund boss and recreational high stakes poker player, Bill "GASTRADER" Perkins.

Bilzerian took over Perkins ACR (Americas Cardroom) account to play some $10/$20 heads-up NLHE against "SexAndWhiskey" (40and7 at PokerStars) in what was a highly volatile, aggressive, and hugely entertaining match. Of course by playing on someone else's account Bilzerian was breaking the sites terms of service - tut tut! However, it didn't seem like Bilzerian or Perkins were overly worried about the situation as Perkins was more than happy to allow the entire match to be streamed live on his twitch channel www.twitch.tv/thirstlounge

Bilzerian got off to a flying start, winning 10 buy-ins after plenty of reckless play, endless raising, 3-betting, bluff-shoving and everything in between. However, his far more level-headed opponent eventually got the best of him and beat the bearded playboy for a decent clip by the end of the match.

Whether this is Bilzerian's "A" game is debatable as playing for $2k stacks is pretty much pocket change for a man who is routinely invited to play in some of the biggest live cash games in the world and who claims to have won tens of millions of dollars at poker. It also didn't particularly look like Bilzerian was taking the match particularly seriously. Dan even found time to enjoy some prop bets with Perkins along the way, losing $5k in one particular spot where Perkins bet him his opponent had either an 8 or a King in his hand on an 8 J 4 K 8 board with Bilzerian holding just J 7. Perkins won - just 119 more of those to go before he recoups the $600,000 he lost to Bilzerian last year in the LA to Vegas bike ride challenge!

However, one poker pro who most definitely didn't rate Danny B's poker skillz was heads-up expert Doug "WCGrider" Polk, who just released a video on his YouTube channel where he highlights some of Bilzerian's more "choice" plays in the match.



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