Tsarrast takes down a few and Ziigmund continues his good 2009

Brian "tsarrast" Rast gave and got some action at the HA-tables yesterday
He played 519 hands and with a $337k profit that makes $650 / hand, not bad.

 tsarrast busted Ziigmunds AAxx...with AAxx, $144k pot
 tsarrast is AI on flop with the nut gut and flushdraw, $112k pot

Ziigmund also had a good day with $300k added to the bankroll and he has started 2009 perfect and is so far up more than $1.2 million.

 Ziigmund flops two pair against world1969 and is AI on flop, $265k pot
 Ziigmund is AI on flop against Ivey´s Aces, $244k pot

Ziigmund is considered by many as somewhat of a maniac, however his statistics says that he is a very solid player with fewer swings than some of the other nosebleed regulars the last couple of months.

 Ziigmunds graf so far in 2009

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