Superior high stakes action the last 48h!

The last 48h the action have been great. It started out with Gus Hansen and trex313 two days ago, which played a major HU battle against eachother with big swings, however both of them ended up with a solid profit on the side of the HU action. The action continued with all the nosebleed regs yesterday.

 Gus Hansen wins his largest online poker hand ever, three way action, $540k pot 
 trex313 wins $291k pot with a nice river against Patrik Antonius

Ziigmund did very well yesterday with a profit just over $400k. Here are some of his largest hands:

 Ziigmund is all-in on the flop against Patrik Antonius
 Ziigmund hits a perfect turn and wins another huge hand against Patrik Antonius, $190k pot

Ziigmund made as you can see most of his profit against Antonius who lost over a cool million yesterday, although he is still up quite a bit in 2009.

Another player who made some good results yesterday was extacymoney. He/She raked in almost $370k:

 extacymoney is all-in on turn against Gus Hansen, $149k pot

Anyone knows which swede plays behind this nick? Feel free to discuss in our forum.

 Results from the last two days on Full Tilt Poker

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