pucylucy wins $171k in Heads up

pucylucy was playing two very nice HU sessions on Prima yesterday and won $171k, the players who lost was luckexpress (-$109k) and Terken89 (-$62k)

Great call and comeback by pucylucy, $115k pot
pucyucy hits the bottom set and win a nice hand, $225k pot

Even though pucylucy won $171k yesterday he is still down about $130 this month. But if he continue like this he will maybe have a chance to catch up on Terken89.

Terken89 is the player who have won most in our monitored Texas holdem NL sessions on Prima, both in april but also if you are looking on the entire year. We will soon release an interview with this player, so keep your eyes open! ;)

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