Bryan Paris Tops $10,000,000 in Online MTT Wins

It's been close to three and half years since UK MTT phenom Chris Moorman became the first online player according to to top $10,000,000 in online tournament cashes (Moorman now has over $13.8m in cashes). Finally another player has also reached the epic 8-figure landmark as Californian Bryan "bparis" Paris outkicked a group of five players close to the $10m mark to reach the milestone first.

Paris reached the $10m mark shortly after a second place finish in event #27 of last month's TCOOP - the $215 NL Six Max Hold’em Sunday Supersonic special edition on 22nd January, which netted him $52,766.

Cashes at PokerStars account for $5,972,929 of Paris's total, where he has played 8,456 of his total 11,891 tournaments. Paris also has over $2.5m in cashes from Full Tilt. His biggest single score was $111,792 for a 4th place finish in a $1k WCOOP NLHE event in 2013 - this is his only cash to date over $100k.

Although Paris has not been as prolific a winner of events as Moorman, or indeed as some of those who are also honing in on the $10m landmark, (Nicolas 'PokerKaiser' Fierro, ($9.938m), for example, has 5 scores over $100k on his resume and an average win of $1,130 as compared to Paris's $841), Paris compared his achievement to an all-time hitters record in baseball, saying, "you don’t necessarily need the best batting average, but you have to show up to play consistently and put in a solid performance over a prolonged period.”  Paris has certainly managed that. He was actually the fifth player to reach the $7.5m mark, but his consistent and relentless grind has enabled him to overtake the other four in order to join Moorman in the "$10,000,000 club".

Unable to ply his trade in his homeland, Paris initially moved to Canada to continue playing but now resides in Amsterdam, where he lives with his wife Nicole and his baby boy Alexander. Paris is also a poker coach and a regular twitch streamer where he plays and commentates from his chanel bparispoker. Bryan Paris also has over $711k in live tourney credits to his name.



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