Hac "trex313" Dang's 5 Biggest Pots

Yesterday we took a look at the five biggest pots won by Hac "Urindanger" Dang, and today we revisit the biggest pots of his older brother Hac "trex313" Dang. Between them the Dang brothers have won over $16m online between their Full Tilt accounts, and Hac's Pokerstars account 1Il|1Il|1il|. Without any further ado, here are Hac's big five.

5) $393,688, 31st October 2008 vs Tom "durrrr" Dwan, $500/$1000 NLHE

It is quite apt that this horror show of a hand was played out on Halloween 2008. Inexplicably after raising preflop under the gun in a five handed game durrrr seems unwilling to accept resistance from trex313 and ends up 6bet shoving for over $200k with 9 7 off-suit. He gets a call from trex who shows AK. Dwan is lucky to have 36% odds to win the pot given such mindless aggression. However, the poker gods call it right and trex313 wraps things up when an ace hits the turn to take this near $400k pot.


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4) $436,951, 5th December 2008 vs Jay "pr1nnyraid" Rosenkrantz, $500/$1000 NLHE

Another pot taken from the $500/$1000 NLHE games in late 2008 which ran around the presence of Guy Laliberte (appearing at this table as elmariachimacho), and another pot which doesn't feature the billionaire Canadian entrepreneur. Folk seemed keen on getting it all-in preflop back in the day, even when playing more than 200bb deep, so once again there is little analysis to be had. Krantz tries his luck with AK off-suit but is a huge dog to trex313's pocket Kings. The cowboys hold up and the 437bb pot is shipped to trex313.


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3) $441,222, 14th October 2008 vs Tom "durrrr" Dwan, $500/$1000 NLHE

This hand played out a couple of weeks prior to the earlier hand between Hac and Tom, and once again it involves Dwan hugely overplaying his hand and ending up a couple of hundred thousand dollars poorer because of it. The pot goes three ways to the flop after trex313 raises from the cut-off with A Q o/s and is flat called by Guy Laliberte in the small blind before durrrr three-bets from the big blind with K J o/s. The flop comes 7 2 7 rainbow and durrrr c-bets pot; Laliberte gets out of the way and trex calls. An ace falls on the turn giving trex an unbeatable hand but durrrr continues to bet out of position on both the turn and river. These are easy calls for trex and he scoops this $441k pot.


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2) $449,899, 20th December 2008 vs Gus Hansen, $500/$1000 PLO

Surprisingly, this is the only PLO pot among Hac Dang's five biggest pots, and it came from a three-handed match between trex, Gus Hansen, and extacymoney in late December 2008. After trex313 raises and extacymoney calls, Hansen 3bets with Kh 5c Qc Qh to $12k with his two opponents coming along to see a flop. The Ks 7c Jc gives Hansen top pair and a flush draw, and gives trex313 top two pairs. Hansen leads, trex raises to $120k, extacymoney gets out of the way and Hansen goes all-in. Hansen has around 40% equity to take the pot and despite improving to two pairs of his own on the 5s turn, he is unable to catch up and the pot ships to trex313.


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1) $521,929, 12th September 2008 vs Tom "durrrr" Dwan, $500/$1000 NLHE

Hac "trex313" Dang's biggest ever online pot is yet another he took down against Tom "durrrr" Dwan, although unlike the other two which have already appeared on the list, one can't help but feel a little bit for Dwan here as he suffers a terrible piece of luck on the river to lose a +$1/2m pot. Four ways to the flop after just a single raise from trex313 the 5 J 9 rainbow flop hits durrrr hard as he makes top set. It looks like trex313 is going to be in a world of pain as he bets the flop holding QQ and durrrr check-calls. Dang then checks back the 9d turn but is quick to call durrrr's bet. The Qc river makes trex top set and unfortunately for durrr he chooses a massive overbet of some $341k on the river, easily putting trex313 all in. It's a straightforward call and trex wins his biggest ever online pot.


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