Jason Mercier and Brandon Cantu in Full Blown Twitter War

Jason Mercier and Brandon Cantu have been recently arguing over an unpaid debt(s) on Twitter with several other well-known pros, like Shaun Deeb, also joining the mix.

All started after recent World Poker Tour winner Daniel Weinman called out Brandon Cantu over an unpaid $50,000 Open-Face Chinese poker debt:

After Weinman's Tweet, Jason Mercier also joined the discussion and that was when the real fireworks began. Mercier posted a recent conversation (see below) between him and Cantu, which revealed that Cantu has loaned money from Mercier at least few times and some of that money has not been paid back.

Cantu, who is a two-time WSOP bracelet winner and also a WPT winner with over $4,2 million in total live tournament cashes, didn't waste time responding and tagging Mercier's sponsor PokerStars in the mix. In the end, there were many not-so-friendly Tweets and let's just say it might have been best for all parties to settle this issue privately:


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