Another Sighting of Tom Dwan the Missing Man!

The whereabouts of Tom "durrrr" Dwan has for sometime been a source of speculation and gossip in poker forum threads which each new sighting of the former poster-boy of online poker making some kind of headline.

Just over a week ago a relatively new poster on the 2+2 forums "sLAG" contributed a picture of Dwan at a poker table in the "Tom Dwan the missing man" thread along with the text "Tom is still in Macau". The origin of the picture is unknown and there was little evidence that it was in fact Macau. However, a day later poster "MacauChris", who by all accounts run a poker room in Macau stepped in to say that Dwan had been spotted at his room and that he had only recently arrived back in Macau after "lots of time in Manila".

It appears neither of them spotted this Instagram photo posted by Macau Billionaire Poker (MCP) on February 3rd showing Dwan happily posing for a picture outside the MCP room at the Babylon Casino in Macau. Dwan is looking extra casual in his grey hoodie and sweatpants -  the same outfit he appears to be wearing in the picture posted on 2+2.

Jungleman claims he has gambled beyond his means, he's yet to fix a date to complete his infamous "durrrr" challenge with said jungleman, and it would appear he can't afford any decent clothes. However, if he is managing to hop around the far east and play at some of the most exclusive poker rooms in the world, he's obviously getting his $$$ from somewhere!


很高興!又看到明星玩家Tom Dwan來到億濠扑克廳玩!除了Tom Dwan,還有很多來自世界各地的明星玩家也是澳門撲克賽事的常客。你也想試試自己的技術,跟世界級高手對戰嗎? . 3月17日,在澳門漁人碼頭巴比倫娛樂場2樓舉行的MBP新春首戰大賽「世界VS中国名人挑战赛」中,將有五位世界級高手對戰五位中國高手及晉級玩家,五小時內上演秘技拿下彩池。全程比賽將在鬥魚、熊貓、樂視、優酷等各大平台直播,觀眾上過百萬! . Look who came to visit us here at the MBP Room @ Babylon Casino!!! Aside from Tom Dwan other pros have shown their face here, so are you ready to play against the best? . March 17-20th we will host the MBP Spring Challenge, 5 players from China will face off against 5 top world pros. Do not miss the chance for your face to be streamed to millions of viewers on Douyu, Panda, LeTV, etc. and suddenly become a rising star of the China poker scene!

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