LarsLuzak wins $327k in NLHE against durrrr

Last night LarsLuzak played some NLHE against durrrr in which he ended upp as the winner. LarsLuzak´s total profit, in all the games,  for yesterday was +$178k, whilst durrrr´s total loss, in all the games, were -$587k.

 LarsLuzak hits the perfect turn against durrrr´s set and is AI, $152k pot
 durrr and LarsLuzak is AI preflop $136k pot 

There has been some rumours that durrrr is one the road to bustoville and do not have the bankroll enugh to make the HU challenge. However on the radio interview that durrrr did recently he assures that there is no problem with that, and that the recent downswing is normal variance.

Here is the radioshow (it´s done on a mobile phone so the quality is soso)

 Yesterday's results on Full Tilt Poker

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