Dan Bilzerian/Bill Perkins Get Banned from ACR While Live Streaming On Twitch

Bill Perkins surveys the blank screen moments after ACR disabled his account

Well, it looks like playboy multi-millionaire and hedge-fund multi-multi-millionaire Bill Perkins aren't "above the law" when it comes to adhering to a poker site's terms of service after all as the ACR (Americas Cardroom) account which they had been brazenly sharing whilst live streaming was disabled a couple of days ago in the middle of a twitch live stream.

The blatant multi-accounting first came to light last month after Bilzerian streamed himself playing on Perkins "gastrader" account on Perkins twitch channel "The Thirst Lounge". Perkins and another friend were often seen in the background observing the action as Bilzerian dusted off the funds in Perkins account playing heads-up at the $10/$20 tables.

The incident became worldwide news after Doug "WCGRider" Polk made a YouTube video criticizing Bilzerian's play and implying that contrary to Bilzerian's claims, that there was no way that the King of Instagram made his millions at the poker tables. The story was picked up globally, appearing in some of the world's biggest daily  newspapers.

Despite this exposure (or perhaps because of it), ACR initially did nothing about the situation as Bilzerian has continued to stream from Perkins account live on air. However, it looks like enough was enough for ACR and on Friday, whilst a bare chested Bilzerian was twitch streaming some $25/$50 heads-up NLHE on the gastrader account live from Perkins yacht, ACR's administration disabled the account - effectively shutting the duo out from the site.

Bilzerian's slightly put out response was simply, "They f**kin' kicked us off!" as he stepped away from the laptop, whilst Perkins can be heard off camera replying, "We got booted, finally?" before coming over the check out the situation.

Whilst the exposure the Bilzerian/Perkins account sharing will probably have been a decent bit of free marketing for ACR, it's good to see that they have decided to act on the multi-accounting and have imposed the same sanctions on the rich and famous guys that they would do to an ordinary Joe breaking the terms of service.

ACR also probably saved Bill Perkins a few thousand dollars in the process seeing as Bilzerian isn't quite the same player online as he claims to be live ;)


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