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Only yesterday we wrote an article about Viktor "Isildur1" Blom who recently showed up at the Unibet Open in London playing some invitation only events with other eSports players for the benefit of the cameras (and Unibet of course). As well as appearing live and playing in low(ish) stakes games it appears that Blom added a third uncharacteristic activity to his agenda whilst in London - he gave a very rare interview to the poker media with Pokernews publishing some of Blom's words of wisdom.

Blom claimed to have enjoyed the experience of playing with a bunch of different characters during the Unibet games and had fun at the tables saying "They weren't really the people I usually play so it was a good change. A lot of different characters and a lot of joking at the table. The atmosphere was very good."

London was Viktor's home for several years back in the early part of the decade but he has since moved back to Sweden and he says that he now lives in a town with no nightclubs or bars which he says has helped him to improve his game. Blom readily admits that at times he was partying too hard in London which wasn't exactly beneficial to his game. Of the change of scene Blom says, "It's good where I live now; there aren't as many distractions. It's a really small place: no clubs, no bars, nothing like that anymore. I just enjoy my time with friends and family now and don't do as much partying anymore. I used to do that a lot, but slowed down."

During the interview Blom describes his method of "studying" away from the table, which is a far cry from the number-crunching HUD evaluating, software utilising approach you'll find most top pros working with these days; "When I say I'm studying, I mean playing a big session and thinking about some of the pots. When I lose a big pot, I try to figure out what I did wrong."  adding,"I play quite a lot and I believe that you learn more from playing than from studying."

Although Viktor rarely plays live other than the occasional Unibet sponsored promotional game he says is contemplating going to the WSOP for the main event this year but ruled himself of big buy-in events such as the $300,000 Aria Super High Roller Bowl, saying that now he lives in Sweden, the tax implications for such an event make it not worth the expense. Despite his limited tournament appearances, Blom is actually a great MTT player with over $2.5m in cashes at PokerStars including 3 SCOOP titles, one of which was the 2013 Main Event for over $1.1m. He also has over $1.7m in live tourney cashes, despite rarely playing live tourneys.

You can read the interview in full here


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