Andrew "good2cu" Robl Pledges Donate up to $300,000 to Charities This Year

It would seem that the trend of "Effective Altruism" among poker players is continuing to gather pace as more and more high profile players are getting involved in charitable work and drives (think REG, Dan Smith etc). The latest player to put his money where his heart is former online phenom turned Vegas high roller, Andrew "good2cu" Robl.

At the end of January Robl tweeted about a blog post he had written titled "The Secret to Living in Giving" detailed his feelings about the selfish aspects of poker and the desire he feels to do some good with his money.

Saying that he was inspired by Dan Smith's charity drive achievement last year which ended up raising $1.7m, Robl pledged that he and his partner Christal would match, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000 a month any money donated to the four charities they had chosen for that month (Pencils for Promise, Charity Water, Tony Robbins Foundation, & Give Directly), and would do the same for the entire year, meaning that they were looking to give away up to $300,000 for good causes.

January went well with a combined $48,335 going to the aforementioned charities. However, February was looking a bit lacklustre so on 28th Robl again took to twitter to motivate the masses:

According to a March 2nd tweet, Robl's plea seemed to work!

If you would like to donate to any of Robl's charities, or would just like to find out more about them, visit his charity page here


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