Luke "__fullflush__" Schwartz Lets Rip at Doug Polk (& me) on EPIC Poker Life Podcast

"This is what I think of your pigeon news mate"

You can say many things about Luke "__fullflush1__" Schwartz, but there's no denying that watching him in full-on rant mode is a glorious sight to behold, and last night he made his second appearance on Joey Ingram's Poker Life Podcast with the express intention of settling a score with Doug "WCGRider" Polk. Shots were fired, and as well as Doug a few other unfortunate victims were caught in the crossfire (myself included) in what will doubtlessly go down as one of the most memorable and notorious 1hr and 35mins of poker podcasting in history!

Schwartz intention was put the record straight with some things Doug Polk had been saying about him both in the past and in some of his recent tweets/YouTube videos.

Firstly he addressed the accusation Polk made when Luke played (and beat) him a couple of years ago heads-up at $300/$600 2-7 Triple Draw. Obviously upset at being beaten Polk started to claim that it wasn't Luke sitting him, but in fact Isildur, which was not only pretty slanderous (Doug not only said this in chat to Luke, he also posted it during a discussion on a 2+2 thread), but also implied that he didn't think Luke was capable of playing good Triple Draw. This is not the first time Schwartz has ranted about this in a Joe Ingram podcast, but it's clearly still a sore point. Luke has a point here; I respect when Doug calls people out for certain things but accusing someone publicly of cheating, especially on a well-read site like 2+2, with absolutely zero evidence is not a cool thing to do. The fact was that at the time of the match Luke was in London and Isildur was in Sweden.

Luke gets in an accusation of his own at this point, claiming that when Doug beat him for $100k at $400/$800 8-Game around the same time that he (Doug) was either being ghosted by, or multi-accounting with Jake "JLlama" Abdalla. It becomes clear a little later on that even though Schwartz might have his suspicions that this may have been the case, that the only real reason he's saying it is to give Polk a taste of his own medicine.

Secondly, Doug has also stated on more than one occasion, both on twitter and during a YouTube video, that Luke Schwartz is a "bad" poker player who had to sell a house in order to keep on playing poker.  This arose after Luke weighed in to tell Doug to grow up during his twitter battle with Jason Mercier:

Polk, never one to back down from a twitter confrontation responded with:

Now this one has REALLY pissed off Schwartz! Not only, says Schwartz, is this a complete lie, but it also couldn't be any further from the truth as apparently Luke hasin fact bought another property recently, not sold one. So irate is Schwartz at one point that he issues a pretty clear-cut threat to Polk telling Joey, "He can say what he likes, but if he makes up a lie, in Vegas I will BACKHAND HIS F**KIN FACE" promising Doug that if he continues to make up stories about him he will "feel a British painful slap".

Doug also comes in for a bashing for his video "outing" Ben "Ben86" Tollerene, saying he only did that because Ben reduced him to tears by telling him he wasn't the best player in the world. To be fair to Doug this is hardly the full story but the rant makes amazingly good viewing!

It's not only Doug Polk who receives a tongue lashing from Schwartz. Next up on the hit list frown

Apparently Luke was none too impressed about a recent article I wrote about Dan Bilzerian getting Bill Perkins ACR account banned whilst he played on a live stream on Perkins account from a yacht. He seemed to take particular offence at a throwaway joke I made at the end about Bilzerian not being that great an online player, saying that the ban probably saved Perkins a few thousand dollars.

For the record Luke, I am well aware that neither Bill Perkins nor Dan Bilzerian could care less about losing a few thousand bucks! it was a joke! Maybe not a funny one, but there you go. In answer to Luke's question "Why is this pigeon even writing an article about on them getting their account banned on ACR?" I guess I did it because it was, whether you consider it "pigeon news" or not, by far the biggest story of the week and was covered by every single other poker news outlet you can name. In fact the whole Bilzerian/Perkins multi-accounting story is probably the most well read high stakes poker news story of the year in terms of sheer scope as it even made the pages of the biggest national newspaper in the UK, The Sun. Frankly, if I hadn't reported on it I wouldn't be doing my pigeon job.

After calming down a little Schwartz goes on to talk about his post 2009 downswing and how he had to adjust his attitude in order to turn his fortunes around and is now on a 2 year winning streak. Despite the enormous rants during the first 1/3 of the podcast Schwartz also actually appears to be a little more humble than in the past, even going so far as to apologise for some of his actions and admitting to being "a dick" in the past. He even admits to enjoying some of Doug Polk's YouTube videos - although he still says if they ever played heads-up live Doug would end up crying and in need of a hug.

The podcast takes a bizarre turn around 50 minutes in after Luke talks about taking the the crazy highs he has had from taking "edibles" (edibles refer to an alternate way to consume cannabis which can come packaged as candy, chocolate, gummy bears etc - edilbles introduce cannabinoids through the gastrointestinal tract rather than through the lungs, resulting is a high that is more intense and lasts much longer). It turns out that Joey's good friend Ebony Kenney (who was in the background on her mac throughout most of the podcast) had some edibles with her and the three decided to take some on air - and the effects start to make a noticeable impact on Luke's attention span a little while later!

Anyway, I could talk about this podcast all day long but firstly Luke is probably already fed-up reading my "pigeon news" and secondly you should just get on and watch it in full. Enjoy!


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