Shaun Deeb films Doug Polk & Jeremey Kaufman's $42k Flip - Sick Ending!

The cash game action over at the televised Poker Night in America event in Philidelphia this week has proved highly entertaining for a variety of reasons (Phil Hellmuth getting teased, Polk and Shaun Deeb getting drunk during the game, Hellmuth & Polk's interview at 3am in an empty restaurant), but an at-the-table incident which wasn't caught when the professional cameras were rolling was recorded for posterity by Shaun Deeb - as Polk and commercial real estate tycoon Jeremy Kaufman decided to flip a hand of 10 card stud for $42,000 a piece.

Deeb both films (slightly shoddily) and commentates on the hand. Both players are dealt 10 cards face-down and each player takes in turns to reveal their cards until they are either ahead or dead. Kaufman is the first to make a pair (8's) before Polk eventually overtakes him after making a pair of Aces. With the action back to Kaufman he makes two pairs (8's and 4's) with just two cards left of his 10. Unluckily for him Polk makes Aces and 10's the very next card, leaving Kaufman drawing very thin.

At this point Kaufman starts to negotiate with Polk to buy out of the bet, offering him $22,000. Doug asks for $26k and they eventually settle on $25k.

After paying out the $25,000 Kaufman decides takes a look at his final two cards to see if he would have improved, and to his dismay his final two cards would have completed a runner-runner straight.

Just to complete the action Polk reveals his final three cards, and is amused to see that he would have missed his full-house outs and lost the $42k pot had he decided to turn down Kaufman's buy-out.

You can see the whole incident go down below:


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