Cate Hall Beats Mike Dentale 2-0 in the "Grudge Match"

The highly anticipated heads-up "Grudge Match" between Cate Hall and Mike Dentale at Poker Night in America has ended with a 2-0 win for Hall in their best of three $15,000 freeze-outs.

In what turned out to be a pretty one-sided affair, Hall never looked in trouble in either match and seemed to have a decent edge over her muscle-bound opponent. A visibly frustrated Dentale became something of a calling station making it easy for Cate to pick up value with her good hands.

To be fair to Dentale, the opinionated New Yorker ran pretty horribly throughout the match and was card dead for the majority of air time. Doug Polk and Shaun Deeb were not especially complimentary about Dentale's play, as he made more than a few questionable plays, whereas Hall seemed to have a better handle on proceedings - although both the commentators acknowledged that it would have been tough for Dentale to win at all with the cards he'd been dealt.

There were no huge fireworks in the match, more of a constant bleeding of chips from Dentale's stack to Hall's as she opened up a huge lead in the first match of $25k to $5k. At this point Dentale did actually start to get a few cards and was able to use them to his advantage and played his best poker of the match as he managed to draw even. Hall, however, proved too strong and eventually took down round 1.

Round 2 was all about Hall as she continued to make decent hands, while Dentale was left out in the cold. Dentale's luck could probably be best summed up with the last hand of the match. Having been audibly complaining that Hall was repeatedly making top pair to his underpairs, Dentale actually woke up with top pair the next hand, holding Ac 2s on an As 5s Kd board. Unfortunately for him, Hall was sitting pretty with pocket Kings having flopped middle set. With a short stack of less than $6k it seemed inevitable Mike's chips were going in the middle, which they did on the turn after Dentale elected to go all-in over the top of Hall's turn bet. Dentale, drawing dead, stood up and polished off his 800th can of Red Bull only to see the final King hit the river giving Cate Hall quad Kings on the last hand of the match!

After the match a slightly seething Dentale made his way up to the commentary booth to bemoan his lack of decent hands and to justify some of his plays to the two co-commentators who he had heard had been criticising him during the match.

Polk and Deeb couldn't really get a word in edgeways as they attempted to explain why they thought some of his moves had been less than optimal as a Red Bull infused Dentale continued to rant on.

It has to be said that Cate Hall looked very pleased with herself as she stood up from the table having taken $30,000 of Dentale's money and an even bigger stack of his pride. It was never really clear who won Hall & Dentale's infamous twitter war but for the moment Hall certainly has the bragging rights at the poker table!


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