Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu Lock Horns on Twitter Again

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The rake debate between Doug "WCGRider" Polk and Daniel Negreanu continued earlier this week after Negreanu claimed on Twitter, that he has never said higher rake was better for poker. 

To get a short summary about the situation, check out this video, where Polk called out Negreanu a while ago for defending the rake increases on PokerStars. Since then, Negreanu has gotten some angry feedback from other players and earlier this week the Canadian wanted to clarify on Twitter, what he really meant by his comments.

As you might guess, the debate lasted for quite a while with Negreanu eventually opting to post a new blog on his Full Contact Poker site, where he explains his stance on the issue.

It is a long blog post (and I urge everyone to read it), but to summarize: Negreanu does NOT think higher rake is good for poker, but believes "it makes sense to give the majority of the bonuses or rewards to recreational players" - make of that what you will.


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