Huge Win for Ravenswood13 - Wins $382,860 from Trueteller

Today we witnessed the biggest match in some time at PokerStars $100/$200 PLO tables as Dutch pro took on 2017's current biggest high stakes winner, Russian pro Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov, resulting in a near $400k win for Ravenswood13.

The match took place over a three and a half hour period this morning where the pair played at four tables in total, playing two at any one time with Ravenswood13 coming out ahead at all four tables, making six-figure profits at three of them ($100k, $120k, and $157k).

The first half an hour of play was pretty cagey, with neither player making any headway, but after this it was all one way traffic as over the next three hours Ravenswood13 seemingly won every pot of significance.

Despite the size of the win and the stakes being played, there were no particularly large pots, although there were plenty of pots between $40k-$60k. The primary reason that the pots stayed relatively small is simply down to the fact thatTrueteller never managed to get much above his starting stack on any table, and every time he did he was either stacked or lost enough to his opponent that he was forced to reload.

The biggest pots of the match all went to Ravenswood13. Here are the biggest two;

All the money goes in on the turn with both players sitting pretty on a set and a flush draw. Unfortunately for Trueteller his set of 4's trail Ravenswood's set of 7's and neither flush appears on the river - $57.6k pot


When all the money goes in on the flop Ravenswood13 is in good shape with a higher flush draw than his opponent and an overpair. On both runs of the turn, however, Trueteller goes ahead with two pairs, only to be thwarted on both occasions as the river gives Ravenswood13 a higher two pairs to take this $57.3k pot


This big win pushes Trueteller off his perch as 2017's biggest highstakes winner, taking him down to fifth place, whilst at the same time projecting Ravenswood13 from 5th up to the biggest winner of 2017 with profits in excess of $629k. After a bad couple of years at Stars high stakes tables, Ravenswood13 is now approaching a break-even figure and is currently on a $1,000,000 upswing since July last year.


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