Six-Figure Swings in $100/$200 PLO Match Between Trueteller & Ravenswood13

The biggest match played at PokerStars high stakes tables yesterday took place between semi-regular heads-up rivals, the Dutch player Ravenswood13 and Russian pro Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov.

The pair played for five and a half hours yesterday evening, hopping between a total of eleven tables, usually playing two at a time, and putting in over 1.2k hands in what turned out to be a big swinging battle of the titans.

The match began with Ravenswood13 getting off to a flying start, and within the first hour he had built a $100k lead over his Russian opponent. Trueteller is certainly not one to wither and die, however, and over the course of the next three hours it was a case of three steps forward and two steps back as the young Russian gradually fought his way back into the match. In fact, not only was Trueteller able to counter Ravenswood13's $100k lead, but after around 4.5 hours of play, he had built up a $45k lead of his own. It wasn't to be a victorius day for Trueteller though, as Ravenswood13 got the best of the final hour of play, hitting a $70k upswing to leave the match ahead by $23.5k.

The biggest pot of the day also came from this match:

Cooler for Ravenswood13 as both players flop a flush draw with a gut-shot straight draw. Ravenswood has the higher flush draw but it is the gut-shot which connects with both players on the turn. Unluckily for the Dutch pro, Trueteller made the high end of the straight while he made the low end. Trueteller wins this $65k pot


The biggest winner of the day actually came from the $25/$50 NLHE tables, where stambolov ended up winning $55.1k from a little over three hours playing short-handed and 6max yesterday morning.

Also ahead of Ravenswood13 on the daily high stakes leaderboard was mexican22 who won $28k playing at the $25/$50, $50/$100, and $100/$200 NLHE tables. All of mexican222's profit can be put down to a single pot he won playing $100/$200 NL against MMasherdog:

MMasherdog flops a set and tries to get value out of his opponent on the flop and turn. A third spade hits the river and MMasherdog keeps on firing, going all in. However, mexican222 had been chasing the flush and makes the call to take this $63.9k pot

Rounding off yesterday's top for we find chipov4ik who earned $22.8k yesterday at the FLO8 tables, winning $21.5k from an early morning heads-up $300/$600 session against Trueteller.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
Stambolov 8 961 $55,050
mexican222 5 511 $28,036
Ravenswood13 12 1227 $26,507
chipov4ik 2 542 $22,771

For all yesterday's winners and losers go to our results page, or for live action check out the live results section.


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