Alec Torelli's Poker Goals for his 30's

Alec Torelli in Macau, the setting for his planned 'best-selling' book about the crazy high stakes cash games in the Chinese gambling mecca

High stakes pro Alec "traheho" Torelli has worked hard to build his poker media brand over the past couple of years and has put out some great content including poker hand reviews, strategy tips, player interviews, training videos, and much more besides. He has also continued to play and win in some of the world's highest stakes live cash games. Part of Torelli's success boils down to his relentless pursuit of goals, and as he hit thirty recently, he shared with his fans his top 5 life goals for the next decade.

Torelli filmed his "top 5 goals" video poolside in Phuket Thailand, and they are certainly ambitious!

Perhaps his most ambitious goal is to reach the final table of the WSOP Main Event. Now, he is certainly talented enough to have been a pretty big favourite in almost any "Novemeber Nine" line-up in recent years - but getting past 6,000 plus players to get there is something which will, unfortunately, be largely out of his control. The amount of pure luck needed to navigate any poker field of that size in a tournament will amost certainly make this his trickiest goal to accomplish!

Much more likely is (in my opinion) much more achievable, and that is to be the most influential poker player in the world. If Torelli keeps building his brand as he has been then he has a great shot. He already has some great plans in the pipeline including writing a best-selling book about his wild experiences in his 20's playing in the ultra high-stakes cash games in Macau, with the hope that his book will do for poker what Ben Mezrich's "Bringing Down the House" did for blackjack in terms of reaching a broader audience. Other ideas include creating a high stakes poker TV show, launching a new lifestyle YouTube channel, and putting on seminars around the world.

Number three on Torelli's list is to earn $10m in 10 years, mostly by helping other people reach their goals. How he intends to do this isn't exactly clear but no doubt it will include revenue from the aforementioned seminars and poker coaching.

Number four is to save $5m out of that $10m, meaning that Torelli intends to live on $100k a year for 10 years, pay $4m in taxes, and save $5m. Certainly an achievable goal.

Torelli's fifth and final goal is to give back more, both in terms of charitable donations, but also in terms of sharing things he's learned about entrepreurship and lifestyle.

It's a pretty inspirational video, and props to Torelli for putting himself up for potential ridicule for publicly sharing such lofty goals. But as Torreli himself says about setting impossible sounding goals, "they're [people] gonna laugh at you, and that's good, it means you're doing something that's worth f**king doing!"

Check out Torelli's video below



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