WPT Season 16 Crowns 1st Champ as Peter Chen Wins WPT Beijing

With WPT Season 15 only just done and dusted, the first WPT Champion of Season 16 has already been named, as Peter Chen won WPT Beijing on Wednesday, entering the Champions Club and winning $299,485.

Chen is enjoying something of a purple patch in 2017, and his latest win takes him over $1,000,000 in lifetime live tourney cashes. His WPT win is also his largest win to date, dwarfing his previous best score of $90,712 which he landed for his sixth place finish in the recent PokerStars Championship Macau Main Event

Chen had powered through the penultimate day of the event, meaning that he started the final table of six with 6.3m chips, over half the chips in play.

Bryan Haung was the first player out on the final day when he shoved his short-stack just 10 hands in, and saw his pair of twos defeated by Zhang Wenbin's JJ. Haung took home $54,168 for his troubles. He was followed soon after by Tan Yancheng who busted shortly after unluckily losing most of his chips to Lu Yingqi when Yingqi's AJ outdrew Yancheng's AQ. When he inevitably busted a few hands later, Yancheng picked up a cheque for $65,401.

Wenbin was next to fall when he suffered a bad-beat at the hands of Chen. Wenbin was looking good for a double-up when he got his QQ all-in against Chen's KJ. However, not one but two Kings found the board, and Wenbin was out in 4th place, good for $84,974.

Chen dashed Yingqi's hopes next when his pushed his last 9 blinds in with Jh 8h and was looked up by Chen's Ad 2d. Things looked up for Yingqi when a Jack hit the flop, but an Ace on the turn sealed his fate, and he left with $128,101.

Chen began heads-up play with a 5:1 chip lead and was never in any danger from his heads-up opponent, Chen Ke. Just over 20 hands in, and with Ke down to 9 big blinds, he put his remaining chips in with Q 3, and found himself up against Chen's Ks 4s. The board missed both players, and Peter Chen's King high won him the pot, and the first WPT Main Event of Season 16 while Chen Ke earned $199,278 for his runners-up finish.

Final Table Results WPT Beijing Main Event

Place Player Prize
1 Pete Yanhan Chen $299,485
2 Chen Ke $199,278
3 Lu Yingqi $128,101
4 Zhang Wenbin $84,974
5 Tan Yancheng $65,401
6 Bryan Huang $54,168



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