Phil Ivey, Dan Colman, and Dan "jungleman" Cates in new Paul Phua Poker Video

As we speculated last year, and confirmed a couple of months ago, high rolling businessman and poker fanatic, Paul "MalACEsia" Phua, has launched his own poker training site, and he's recently uploaded a poker tips video to his YouTube channel featuring three of the biggest names in poker.

As you would expect of someone of such wealth, influence, and as someone who has the ear of some of the games biggest and best players, Phua is certainly not short of talent to help him in his quest to educate the masses about the great game. In Part 1 of his "Tips from the pros" series he rolls out an impressive trio of names in Phil Ivey, Daniel "jungleman" Cates, and Daniel Colman

Phua, a regular in the big games in Macau and the Phillipines in which the likes of Ivey, Cate, and Colman have also participated to varying degress, is obviously serious about his quest to teach the world about the great game of poker. It's interesting to note that Ivey's appearance comes just days after it was announced that no more new content would be put up on his own "Ivey League" site - is this collaboration with Phua just the start of a more involved role in Paul Phua Poker?

It'll be interesting to see who else's services Phua might acquire? As well as Ivey, Cates, and Colman, Phua has also used his friend Tom "durrrr" Dwan to promote his site. The use of big names wasn't necessarily too successful for Ivey League, but it has to be said that Phua has considerably deeper pockets than Ivey and his investors - as well as a much better track record in running successful businesses! Furthermore, Phua is in an excellent position to appeal to the Asian poker market, which is undoubtedly the biggest growing sector of the poker economy right now.

Check out Phua's first "Tips From the Pros" video below:


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