Doug Polk Jumps on VLOGGING Bandwagon

Poker VLOGS seem to be all the rage these days, with the likes of Jake Cody, Andrew Neeme, and Kevin Martin all proving big hits with viewers as the detail their poker lives in front of the cameras. After getting into almost every other form of poker media communication, Doug "WCGRider" Polk has finally jumped on the bandwagon and recently published his first poker VLOG on his YouTube channel.

Today's poker VLOGS have come a long way since the days of a Daniel Negreanu style quick 5 minute 'rant-at-the-camera-in-your-living-room', with some serious production values, themes, and soundtracks going on. Although Doug didn't exactly go to town on his camera set-up (he used his smartphone), he did put a bit of effort in with a few graphics, a bit of background music, and some decent content.

Check out Doug Polk's first ever live poker VLOG above

The VLOG centres around what turned out to be a very unsuccessful live $5/$10 NL session at the Aria. Having failed to find any bigger games we see Doug buy $3k worth of chips (he eventually bought in for $5k), and then promptly cashing in his remaining $91 (you can't film games at the Aria).

To give Doug his dues, he goes on to talk some strategy and walk us through some of the hands he was involved in, including the hand where he made over 60% of his days losses - all while sitting in his car at the Aria parking lot.

Overall, not bad for a first time effort, although he has a little way to go before his VLOGs are as smooth and professional as the likes of Cody and Neeme. And Doug definitely needs to work on his tank-top game if he wants to compete with his good friend Joe Ingram on that front!


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