HU between jinsokkp and Grimstarr

We had some nice HU-matches between jinsokkp and Grimstarr yesterday. They were playing four $50/100 tables and one $100/200 table. We saw some nice stacks on almost every table and it was Grimstarr who won the $50/100 sessions but jinsokkp did very well on the $100/200 session so when they stopped playing it was jinsokkp who was up about $70k

Largest hands from these sessions:

Never underestimate 73o, $47k pot
Both players trying to catch the flush, $47k pot


Both jinsokkp and grimmstarr played some other sessions and at the end of the day jinsokkp was up $120k and Grimstarr also played very well and manged to win everything back which he lost earlier, and was actually up $30k

Grimstarr vs This-Just-In, $104k pot



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