Phil Ivey In Conversation With Paul Phua

Last week we shared a short video from Paul Phua Poker with Phil Ivey, Dan Colman, and Dan Cates offering some tips for beginners. Another video was released on Phua's YouTube channel later in the week and this time it's just Phil Ivey "In Conversation with Paul Phua".

Interviews of any kind with the enigmatic Ivey are few and far between, so the four minute video will be something of a treat for his fans, who haven't seen an awful lot of the great man of late. Ivey hasn't been seen playing online cash games since 2015 and his tournament schedule has also been extremely sparse. Ivey has, however, been spending a lot of time in Asia playing in the super high stakes cash games with the likes of his good friend, Phua.

Although Ivey says in the video that he still loves what he does, he admits that after playing for so long that he finds it really difficult to get a huge thrill. He says he finds it fun to win a big pot against a friend, but "the actual thrill of like 'wow, I'm betting a lot of money on it', that's not really there for me. I don't really feel that. I haven't felt that in quite some time actually"

Ivey also offers up a few more general tips in the piece, such as putting your ego aside when you start to lose and take a break, and also that as a professional player you need to learn to accept losing as part of the game as it's just something that is going to happen.

When talking about reaching the top of the game and playing against the best players in the wordl, Ivey pays a big compliment to Paul Phua on his game, saying, "that's what makes Paul so amazing is that he started off playing with some of the best players in the world, and now he's playing in games constantly with the best players in the world, and he's winning in those games."

For a little more Ivey insight from his chat with Phua, check out the video below


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