"Doug Polk is a scam, he hasn't won online for years" - Luke Schwartz lets rip...

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The slanging match between Doug "WCGRider" Polk, and Luke "__fullflush1__" Schwartz shows no sign of abating as Schwartz laid into the Upswing Poker founder in a PokerNews interview published earlier today.

During a break at the PokerStars Championship Main Event in Monte Carlo, Schwartz was collared by interviewer Laura Cornelius and asked about his recent spat with the US pro.

Despite initially claiming "There's not much really to say about that Doug Polk guy", when he got going it would appear that Schwartz found plenty to say about him, and not an awful lot of it was good.

Schwartz did admit to finding the fact that Polk had framed a picture of Luke's rather poor PokerStars graph (courtesy of good old HighstakesDB, no less) and given it pride of place in his recent YouTube videos quite funny. However, Schwartz made the not entirely unreasonable point that Polk's own PokerStars graph shows him to have been a losing player himself over the past few years. In fact, Polk hasn't had a winning year at PokerStars since 2013, and since October that year his losses at high stakes cash games add up to over $513,000. In the same time period, Schwartz has lost $693k. Schwartz goes on to admit that although he is a loser in PokerStars cash games because "that is the toughest place to play", that he is a big winner elsewhere.

Luke Schwartz gives Doug Polk both barrels in a recent PokerNews video interview

Schwartz then goes on to call Polk's training site, Upswing Poker, "a scam" because he believes that Polk is selling a false dream to others that they can win at online poker if they buy his product, when the truth is he can't even beat the games himself.

While we certainly see Schwartz's point about the graph (see below), to call Upswing a scam is a little misleading. As Schwartz himself has found out to his detriment, using a single graph to tell a more complex story is a little misleading. While Polk has certainly showed a hefty cash game loss at Stars since late 2013, it's relevant to note that his losses came at PLO and Draw, while he broke even at NLHE at PokerStars. On top of this in the same time-frame, Polk won over $1m playing high stakes NLHE at Full Tilt.


Doug Polk's Pokerstars cash game graph from mid-October 2013 - today

Furthermore, Upswing has primarily been sold as a tool to improve the fundamentals of poker to low-stakes players, helping them turn a profit - and to this end, it is almost certainly somewhat misleading to call it a 'scam'.

It's worth noting that despite both players rather poor showings at PokerStars cash games over the past few years, both have excelled at the sites tournaments. Over the past few years Schwartz has won 5 SCOOP titles, as well as winning the Sunday Million last year, while Polk has streamed himself on twitch making three six-figure scores in PokerStars tournaments over the last 12 months.

Even if none of this controversey is of any interest you, I must still urge you all to check out Luke's impersonation of Doug Polk around 2mins into the interview!


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