Dani "supernova9" losing bigger than Gus Hansen

Dani "supernova9" Stern's PokerStars high stakes graph makes for scary viewing (click to enlarge)

Ok, perhaps that headline is slightly misleading, because of course US pro Dani "supernova9" Stern hasn't lost the kind of big bucks that Gus Hansen has online (over $20m on Full Tilt alone). However, currently Stern's loss per hand played on PokerStars is significantly more than Hansen's was over the course of his enormous 8-figure loss at Full Tilt - and that's got to worry the New York native!

On Full Tilt Gus Hansen lost $20,737,007 over the course of 1,572,615 hands, giving him a loss per hand of $13.18. Dani Stern's record on PokerStars high stakes tables is a total loss of $1,301,035 over 80,451 hands, netting him an average loss of $16.17 per hand played.

It's fair to say that it has all gone wrong for supernova9 over the last year or so. Up until midway through Mach 2016 Stern was pretty much even at PokerStars since we began tracking in late 2010. Since then, however, he has lost close to $1.3m playing almost exclusively heads-up at the $100/$200 and $200/$400 PLO tables.

Dani Stern first came to prominence in the late 2000's and was part of the team of 4 players who made up the "2 months 2 million" reality TV show in 2009 alongside Emil "whitelime" Patel, Jay "pr1nnyraid" Rosenkrantz, and Brian "flawless_victory" Roberts. The team aimed to make $2m combined while playing high stakes online poker in a rented mansion in Las Vegas over the summer (they failed, although came out up $676,700 overall).

Dani (far left) with the rest of the '2 Months. 2 Million' crew

At the time, Stern was a high stakes regular, mainly playing up to $200/$400 NLHE as well as dabbling in PLO as "Ansky451" at Full TIlt. After Black Friday hit and Stern relocated to continue playing online he decided to drop down in stakes, finding the games a lot harder to beat, and he played a lot of midstakes cash for 2-3 years before moving back up to the nosebleeds. Given the way his bankroll is going to be looking after his losses over the past year, it wouldn't be a surprise if Stern decided to take stock once again and get back on the mid-staked grind.

One other similarity to Hansen would appear to be Stern's none too impressive game selection. Over the last year he has battled heads-up with Swedish pro BERRI SWEET on dozens of occasions, which has led to pretty much half of his total online losses. Although he has made the occasional six-figure win against BERRI, he has lost the vast majority of the times they have played, and continues to do so. He has also taken considerable punishment at the hands of one of the nosebleeds biggest winners, Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov. Although these matches have been hugely entertaining for the railbirds, they can't have been too enjoyable for Dani Stern. So far in 2017 Stern has played just over 9,000 hands and lost at the staggering rate of $70 per hand! Perhaps he can't get action elsewhere?, or perhaps he just loves the action a la Isildur1? - but one thing's for sure, if he doesn't execute a pretty rapid turnaround in his results his bankroll isn't going to look too pretty.

Hopefully the fortunes of supernova9 will pick up soon and we'll get to see him engaging in some more great high stakes PLO matches over at PokerStars.


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