Several SCOOP Events Cancelled Due to Technical Difficulties

Several Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) events were cancelled earlier this week after PokerStars experienced some technical difficulties.

According to PokerStars' Blog, the technical issue stopped all play across their sites for about two hours, but the problem has since been resolved.

While the refund process might still take a few days to be completely resolved, prize pools for the cancelled events were distributed among the remaining players according to PokerStars' cancellation policy.

The refund process will take a few days as we need to perform due diligence and ensure that everyone is getting paid the correct funds. Also, we know that some players flagged up concerns of late registration exploitation and refund calculations that are not optimal due to extenuating circumstances.

We are aware of both circumstances, and consider them important issues that we will address. Changing policy from one day to another isn't possible as we detail our terms and conditions on our website, but I do want to ensure that our most important policies are as flexible as possible for those times that our players count on them.

PokerStars will now extend the 2017 SCOOP by one additional day, that includes the cancelled events with their original guaranteed prize pools.


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