Isildur1 up over $1,000,000 in Two Weeks

The current upswing of Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has continued unabated this weekend and he is now up in excess of $1m over the last 13 days

Almost 3/4 of Blom's profits have come from the 8-Game tables, but it is worthy of note that in between 29th May and 10th June (in which time he has made $1.024m in profit from PokerStars) that he has also been the biggest highstakes winner at PLO and Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, as well as being the third biggest Triple Draw winner.

Of the $1m, over $630k has come from his recent run of marathon matches against German pro RaulGonzales. The pair have battled most days during this period, often for over twelve hours at a time at the $1k/$2k CAP 8-Game tables. There have been multiple six-figure wins and losses for both players, but it has been Isildur1 who has enjoyed the majority of success. His final 8-Game wins of $32k and $48k from Friday and Saturday this week pushed him over the magic $1m since his latest upswing began.

In fact, yesterday's total profit of $55,370 also helped him up to $1,019,698 profit for 2017 and since we updated the results this morning he is now sitting on top of the 2017 high stakes leaderboard, having overtaken Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov who is now in second with a to-date profit of $972,725 for 2017.

Above: Isildur1's PokerStars high stakes graph so far for 2017 with its notably huge spike of late!

Another +$100k of Isildur1's recent profit has come against Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, also at the 8-Game tables, although more at the $400/$800 limit than at $1k/$2k.

At the PLO tables Isildur1 has turned a $172,501 profit. He has played a combination of heads-up and 6max. It was during a six-max $100/$200 session last week, in fact, when Isildur1 won his biggest pot of 2017 so far:

After three-betting preflop from the big-blind, Isildur1 gets two callers. With {k-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds} on an {8-Spades} {2-Spades} {3-Clubs} flop Isildur1 decided to go for broke after a check from BERRI SWEET rather than see another card peel so he bet pot. Grazvis1, however, raised the pot and while BERRI folded Isildur1 called. Grazvis1 held {7-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} {K-Spades}{a-Spades} for just a naked flush draw and an overcard. The board ran out  {4-Hearts} {5-Hearts}  and  {5-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} giving Isildur1 the entire $99,614 pot


Isildur1 has certainly had to work hard for his money though as our records show that with some 87,436 high stakes hands put in so far in 2017, he has played almost twice the number of hands of anyone among the top 30 high stakes winners of 2017 so far at PokerStars (the closest are Russian pro Katya_18 who has played 48,265 hands, and Swiss youngster LLinusLLove who has put in 46,784 hands - with all of their hands coming at NLHE).

So far today it has been more of the same as has already enjoyed a +$100k 8-game session vs RaulGonzales and the pair are no back for their second session of the day. If we want to keep enjoying all this great high stakes action, let's hope Viktor's latest upswing continues!

Biggest High Stakes WInners 01/01/2017 - 10/06/2017

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
Isildur1 630 87436 $1,019,698
Trueteller 430 34179 $972,725
BERRI SWEET 218 13947 $563,685
ActionFreak 391 21061 $399,368

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