RaulGonzales Wins $141k After More PLO Gains from Isildur1

RaulGonzales continued his fightback against Isildur1 yesterday, making another six-figure profit after success at both the 2-7 Triple Draw and PLO tables.

Raul's first success came at the $200/$400 PLO tables where they met early afternoon, playing for three hours across two tables. For the first two hours it was Isildur1 who made all the running, reaching +$100k at the two hour mark before Raul came back very strongly in the last hour, wiping out Isildur1's lead and ending the 760 hand session up $115k. It was during Raul's comeback that he took down what turned out to be the day's biggest pot.

All the money goes in pre-flop with RaulGonzales winning with his pocket aces on the first run of the board and a turned straight on the second to take this $135.2k pot


After an hour's break the pair were back, although this time at the $1k/$2k 2-7 tables where Raul won another $69.4k in just over twenty minutes after which it was back to the PLO tables. This hour long session was a little more even with Isildur1 winning a little over $9k from the games. Isildur1 also won c.$30k in another 2-7 match but was still a big loser for the day, while RaulGonzales won $141k.

After this latest win, RaulGonzales has won back $550k from Isildur1 since the end of last month.

Way back in second place on yesterday's leaderboard we find calvin7v who made a $21,726 profit from the $200/$400 8-Game tables, with most of his earnings coming from a 3.5 hour heads-up match against arron8 early yesterday evening.

In third was CooL1992 who made $21,471 from the $25/$50 and $50/$100 NLHE 6max tables, and in fourth place on yesterday's leaderboard was fjutekk with a $13,104 profit from just 38 hands at a single table of $25/$50 PLO.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

RaulGonzales +$141k

calvin7v +$21,726

CooL1992 +$21,471

fjutekk +$13,104

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