David Benyamine dominating Omaha PL

David Benyamine played some very nice poker yesterday and won ~$179k, and guess what? He is now up close to $1 million on the sessions we have been monitoring in April.

It will be very interesting to see how long he can keep up this winning streak in Omaha PL, he have been very stable. Here is the largest hand from yesterday sessions:

AA vs KK in Omaha is always interesting, $112k pot
David Benyamine vs TerrorOfSweden, $52k pot

Other players which were doing well was Tegnedreten(+$92k) and halibut2(+$62k) and the one who had to take the largest lost this day was Phil Ivey(-$100k)

David Benyamine

April stats: +$995 159 (53 sessions, 7256 hands)

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