New Detailed Video Analysis of Alec Torelli "Chip hiding" Scandal Emerges

One of the biggest talking points in the poker twittersphere of late has been the infamous clip from Poker Night in America  where high stakes pro Alec Torelli arguably influenced the outcome of a big pot after his big denomination chips were hidden from the view of his opponent. A new analysis of the incident has now in circulation which shed a little more light on what actually happened.

With two $5k chips hidden from the view of Torelli's opponent Daniel Wolf, Wolf  opted to push all-in with A 10, believing Torelli only had around $15k in front of him. Torelli then reveals his additional chips, claiming that he didn't realise they were hidden from view (it is cumstomary for big denomination chips to be placed in full view of the table to avoid just such incidents), meaning that Wolf had to commit to a much bigger pot than he had anticipated.

The incident blew up on the forums, with debate raging over whether Torreli had deliberately 'angled' Wolf, either to get him to play a bigger pot than intended, or just soliict Wolf's reaction to get a read on him.

About 6 weeks ago Doug "WCGRider" Polk made a YouTube video offering his analysis of the hands. While Polk's video didn't make Torelli look too good and he made it clear he thought he should have acted differently in the aftermath of the incident, Polk did actually say he didn't believe that Torelli deliberatly angled his opponent.

Above: The moment Daniel Wolf realises Alec Torelli had an additional $10k in chips behind his smaller chip stacks

Torelli didn't take too kindly to Polk's analysis and spent a month constructing his own rebuttal video which he published last week in which Torelli attacks Polk for deliberately editing the video to make him look bad, offering his own take on the footage. While some people sympathised with Torelli, it was more widely noted that Torellli's protestations were largely irrelevant and the facts of the case were put across accurately by Polk.

Now yet another video analysis has come to light on YouTube by a user named ssSuperSoak, in which Torelli's movements are tracked in much more detail by ssSuperSoak who clearly watched and dissected every bit of footage available from the show, and the results are pretty compelling!

In his analysis ssSuperSoak , who describes his channel as a parody/satire, shows how Torelli gradually maneauvered his big chips to the back of his stack, and how his body language and actions demonstrate that perhaps he wasn't quite so innocent as he made out in his own video.

What the truth of the matter is can only really by known for sure by Alec Torelli, but check out the video below and I'd be surprised if there are many of you who will not have at least a few doubts about Torelli's intentions.

Although this is only ssSuperSoak's first video upload, it's already had some 25,000 views to date:

Interesting viewing huh?


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