Scott Blumstein Wins WSOP Main Event 2017 for $8,150,000

Benjamin Pollack can only look on as his WSOP dream is brought to an end in a 3-way 128m chip pot won by Dan Ott

After going into the final table of this year's WSOP Main Event three days ago with the chip lead, New Jersey's Scott Blumstein has managed to hold on to  his lead to the bitter end, eventually defeating fellow countryman Daniel Ott heads-up to lift the most prized trophy in poker.

Amazingly, this $8.15m windfall is Blumstein's first ever WSOP cash (although he does have a couple of small WSOPC cashes on his resume), and it comes after a dominant final table showing. Blumstein surrendered his lead briefly to popular Brit John Hesp early on the first day of the final table, but soon regained the advantage after winning a huge 156m pot heads-up against Hesp. From that point Blumstein was never anywhere other than at the top of the pile until the final card of the championship had been dealt.

Only three players returned for the final day yesterday; Blumstein held a sizeable chip lead with 226,450,000 to Dan Ott's 88,375,000 and Benjamin Pollack's 45,850,000, with blinds at 1m/2m with a 300k ante.

With the blinds so high, and with Blumstein with such a lead it wasn't long before some big pots went down. After Pollack lost a big pot to Ott with 88 against AQ the Frenchman was down to just 12 big blinds. Despite managing to double up with A3 against Blumstein's 4 5 Pollack soon lost another big pot to Ott and this time was down to just 8 big blinds. This time, however, he managed to find a triple up when his shove with J 4 found a Jack after Ott had called but been forced to fold after Blumstein isolated Pollack  - Blumstein's K 10 was no good and Pollack's pair of Jacks held up.

Just six hands later, however, and a very similar scenario emerged which spelt the end for Pollack. This time both Pollack and Ott were at risk after Pollack moved all-in from the button, Ott shoved from the small blind, and Blumstein looked them both up from the big blind. It looked like Blumstein might take the whole thing down then and there as he was well ahead with A Q up against Pollacks Q 10 and Ott's K 9. A King on the flop, however, meant that Pollack was out in 3rd for $3.5m and that Ott had won a huge 128m chip pot and would go into heads-up play with less than a 2:1 disadvantage.


Above: Dan Ott celebrates eliminating Benjamin Pollack and picking up a huge 128m pot to go into heads-up play for the Main Event title with Scott Blumstein

Heads-up play lasted for 64 hands played over three and a quarter hours, but depsite the reasonably lengthy battle, it was all about Blumstein who managed to bleed his opponent dry little by little from the first hand of heads-up play to the last. There was a little bit of excitement towards the end of the match when Ott, by now down to just 32m against Blumstein's 328.6m, managed to double up to 64m when he called Blumstein's {6-Spades}{6-Clubs} all-in preflop with {K-Spades}{9-Diamonds} and managed to hit a nine on the flop. The very next hand was even more explosive as once again both players found themselves all in, and it looked like Ott was about to double up once again as his {a-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} was up against Blumstein's {a-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}. The flop and turn came down {j-Spades}{6-Spades}{5-Hearts}{7-Hearts} meaning that Blumstein was left with just one chance at a three-outer. The poker gods must have been smiling down on Blumstein as the {2-Hearts}  hit the river as the rail went nuts.

Scott Blumstein had hit his miracle card to round off a miraculous week. Dan Ott won a handsome $4,700,000 for his runner-up finish while Blumstein earned $8,150,000 and the honour of being crowned WSOP Main Event Champion 2017.

2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Scott Blumstein USA $8,150,000
2 Dan Ott USA $4,700,000
3 Benjamin Pollak France $3,500,000
4 John Hesp United Kingdom $2,600,000
5 Antoine Saout France $2,000,000
6 Bryan Piccioli USA $1,675,000
7 Damian Salas Argentina $1,425,000
8 Jack Sinclair United Kingdom $1,200,000
9 Ben Lamb USA $1,000,000



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