Isildur1 Up $1.9m for 2017 after Half Million Dollar Day

Isildur1 is riding his upswing well and is now close to $2m up since the end of May at PokerStars

The most recent upswing from Viktor "Isildur1" Blom hit new heights last night after he put in a 1/2 million dollar winning day after finding big success at the Triple Draw and PLO tables.

His day started with a $155.3k win from a 2hr 40min session at the $1k/$2k 2-7 Triple Draw tables over German pro donthnrmepls, making up for the $109k he lost to the same player on Sunday

After this win Isildur1 moved onto the FLO8 tables, making a small loss ($3.6k) agaist joiso in a 40 minute late morning session. Two and a half hours later he was back at the same table where he played close to 1k hands heads-up against Dutch pro Ravenswood13. We have the tracking showing a $9k loss for Isildur1, although we believe we missed a few hands and that his really loss was closer to $40k for this 4 hour session.

After finally quitting the FLO8 tables Isildur1 took up a challenge at the $200/$400 PLO tables heads-up against Russian pro Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov. Although the tracking shows a $25k win for Trueteller, the correct result from this match-up was an $80k win for Isildur1. The biggest pot of the day came during this match:

Isildur1 outflops Trueteller's AAxx on the flop then makes a full house on the river and is able to extract maximum value from his opponent to win this $124.5k pot


Thankfully we caught all of the action from the biggest sessions of the day, which played out at two $100/$200 ante PLO tables where Isildur1 took on Cobus83. The pair played heads-up at one table for close to three hours and played for 2 hours 40 minutes at another table where they played the majority of their hands heads-up, but were joined briefly at different times by BlackFortuna and Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro.

Isildur1 dominated at both tables, winning $185,774 from the 584 hands at table Sahlia, and $182,610 from table Thiele II, the solely heads-up table, from 748 hands yesterday evening. All three of the other players lost money in the games, although it was Cobus83 who was by far the hardest hit, losing $300k yesterday.

In total our results show Isildur1 winning $490k yesterday, although when the missed hands are accounted for, it's likely his profit for the day was more like $575k. Either way Isildur1 is now at an all-time high at PokerStars high stakes tables, showing a total profit of almost $3.4m, with close to $1.9m of that coming in the last two months.



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